Friday, November 30, 2012

Jolin Tsai Genting Myself Concert 2012

It's only been days and my memory is getting vague.

I was delighted that I get to see her this year again. The last time I saw her was during Singapore Myself concert 2011 in May. Let me do a narration of the day events like I would for any old journal entry.

I reached Genting a day before the concert due to my paranoid nature that something will happen if I went on the actual day. I figured I could get a good night sleep a day before her concert too. Ended up the hotel bed was too hard for me. Bleh.

I spent most of the time with my mum because she specially took time off to accompany me there, so I tried not to be too crazy till I neglect the very person who spent money and effort on me. The few days trip at Genting was pretty enjoyable especially when Jolin was on the same piece of land as me just that I couldn't find her, everything was well except for the terrible food and smoke everywhere.

A day before the concert, I watched Cold War with my mum. The movie was pretty good especially with all the major casts. I noticed one of the casts was Jolin's ex-boyfriend. Relatively out of topic but I thought it was worth a mention. :P

I spent a while searching for the arena because I never knew where it was. I always thought it was the pavilion. Genting added a casino in the middle of first world plaza so it made walking very frustrating and the crowd didn't make it better.

I tried to get as close to the arena as possible but it was sealed from the public and the only way to get close to it before the concert was to purchase the outdoor theme park ticket, which I am so not going to do. So I tried to get close to the arena blocked by the high walls while walking on the road like a lunatic fan and strain my ears to see if I could hear anything. No, nothing could be heard.

On the day of the concert, I went to the arena with my mum at 6pm. The allocated time to gather. I was getting a little paranoid again that I might not be able to find the other fan club members. But I spotted them before I even got off from the escalator. So much for being paranoid. :P

And I got my ticket!
It looks pale in comparison compared to the Singapore ticket but at least it's worth a memento.

We hung outside the arena for 'a while'.
Then my mum left me because the whole waiting process was indeed stupid. And we all know it's stupid but we still willingly come early to show our support for her. :)

At around 7.30pm, we took a big group photo with the Malaysia fan club.
We awkwardly stood on the left.

So the Singapore fan club took a group photo of our own too. :)
Boy am I glad my red hair is visible in the photo lol.

We got in, skipped the bag check because there was no bag check! Heh heh heh. Not like it matters either. I took even lesser photos than I did for the previous Jolin concert. Less than 10. My job is to go in and scream like there is no tomorrow.

A philosophical moment hit me when I consider why certain people spent the whole concert taking photos and certain people spent the whole concert screaming. If you're taking photos and videos, you're doing it for yourself so you can have something to keep. If you're screaming, you're doing it for Jolin, at the same time you're doing it for yourself too so you can attract her attention as well. In both ways you're still doing it for yourself, ah humans.

/End of philosophical moment.

I bought a pink light stick and a red light stick band for the concert.
The band was similar to the one I wore during Jolin's Singapore concert.

We entered into the arena and there was a counter selling assortment of light sticks. I've never seen anything like that in Singapore so I got myself a pink battery operated light stick, just to be a little more eye-catching. ;)

We were in the arena early so I spent the time taking multiple photos of the stage, looking at people walking by and listen to the eagerness of the fan club. The crowd slowly filled in and our seats were sealed off from the bottom tier.

Apparently there was no way for us to buy the seats in front so we guessed they are probably free. There was a point during the concert when Jolin was urging the crowd at the front again and again to stand up. She eventually gave a reasoning that they should enjoy the concert fully since they had paid the most amount of money. Someone from the fan club shouted back, "Our seats are more expensive!" That really gave me a good laugh.

Fifteen minutes before the concert, the crowd were relatively settled down as compared to the empty bottom tier. It goes to show her true blue fans are the ones from the back.

I feel awfully bright with all the light, I'm at the extreme left of the photo.

It was fortunate that I was sitting at the first row of the second tier. There was basically no one blocking me and I had a huge leg space to put my bag. Although the barrier had tempted me several times to climb over it so I can be at the bottom tier. The crew controlling the sound and video were sitting right below me and I wondered what will happen to them if my light stick flew out of my hand and landed on their head.

I placed the red light band on my wrist, hung the pink light stick over my neck and held the pink battery operated light stick in my hand and I was ready to party! The lights dimmed down, screen turned into opening credits and moments later, Jolin rose onto the stage when the music played! She started off with "The Great Artist", a new song from her latest album. My previous translation efforts were put to play and I knew the lyrics like the back of my hand. :)

Next was an old song, "玩美". I was familiar with the tune but I was randomly singing. As long as I am a part of the party, it doesn't matter whether I got the lyrics right or wrong. Although I pity the person beside me who was recording her performance, my voice must have covered much of her video clips.

The third song was "Dr. Jolin" and I was back on full singing mode again. I knew the whole lyrics to "Dr. Jolin" too! Never had I been in a concert where I had used so much strength in singing and shouting after the first three songs. The Malaysia fan club was relatively supporting and they led the scream most of the times, every time and every moment it was possible to scream. o_O

The screams didn't circle within us, it was widespread throughout other fans at all corners of the arena, well except for the bottom tier.

I tried to take photos because Jolin was wearing a new costume that I had never seen before in her previous concert. As expected, my hands were too shaky excited to take any photos.

I took a few quick shots that were blurrier than I had expected and got back into the heat of the concert.

She paused for her first talk and by then I had screamed much longer than I usually would. My body was still full of energy to last for the whole concert. She started off as usual to urge people to stand, scream and party. We stood up the moment she said so and rushed to the barrier. I was waiting since the start of the concert for people to stand and cheer.

When I heard she said "瘋狂歌迷 (Crazy fans)", I immediately broke into tears. Tear drops rolled down my face instantly. I was feeling gratitude, happiness that she had noticed our efforts, my effort. 

I was trapped in a trance between reality and dream during the concert. Seeing Jolin is like a dream but I know all this is real. I was perplexed between enjoying the concert, meeting the goddess of my life and some other weird problems.

When she walked to the right of the stage (nearer to my side) while she was singing "Wandering Poet", I decided to get out my camera during the split second when she sang the last line in the song. We gave a nice finish to the song as we sang it together.

I was all tangled up in a moment when I was busy singing, busy screaming and busy searching for my camera in my bag. You see, concerts taught us how to multi-task. Lol.

As for the rest of the songs other than "The Great Artist", "Dr. Jolin" and "Wandering Poet", especially the old songs, I had to peek at the screens occasionally for the lyrics. The left and right screens on the stage were of exceptionally bad quality, they were so pixelated, I would rather look at Jolin in person. The real deal beats everything. 

I still couldn't get rid of my old problem of looking at the crowd and checking what they are doing. However, I was much happier this concert while being distracted by the crowd. There was a sense of wholeness and belonging as we scream and cheer together, unlike the Singapore concert, Jolin's concert in Genting felt like it didn't just belong to Jolin, it belonged to all of us. We are owners of this party too. 

The saddening thing during the concert, other than being unable to get to the bottom tier and Jolin even went down the stage as fans frantically grabbed her hands and took photos of her, was that throughout the whole concert, the Malaysia fan club practically sat down. Fortunately, someone from the Singapore fan club took the lead to stand up and we had a bunch of five to six people standing up, with two other people from the Malaysia fan club joining us.

I don't care about the rules of other concerts and about blocking people. But if you're in Jolin's concert, you should stand and scream because that is what she wants us to do, especially if you belong in the senior batch of fans, the group she categorised as her "crazy fans". If we stand and blocked the people behind, the people behind can choose to stand too. And in an ideal situation everybody will stand up! Or maybe I'm just thinking too idealistic.

Throughout the concert, I was never surrounded by darkness. There were light boards beside me and behind me I felt like I was glowing. I wonder if Jolin could see my 三八 expression. >o<

Then it was time, time for the concert to end. It didn't felt like 2 hours had passed but my instinct told me it did. Way before even the concert was ending, I was feeling a tinge of sadness in my chest and it eventually manifested into something bigger every minute the concert was coming closer to an end. I used much more vocal energy than I did at the Singapore concert but I didn't jump to my heart's content. The stage was terribly small (we didn't even have the ball) and I was sitting so far away from her. A thought came into my mind, I wondered what it would be like if the time we stayed at her concert became eternal.

After we thanked the sponsors with Jolin, we entered into an encore. I wasn't as excited as the previous concert but the thought of being able to see her again filled me with happiness. Our breaths were short and we didn't get into a long chant of "Jolin" or "encore". The presence of the cheer by crowds from the other parts of the arena made up for that. 

She burst back onto stage again and I got my camera ready as she sang her second last song. I thought to myself, I can't miss this moment without capturing it because I don't know when I'll be able to go to her concert again.

She bowed and thanked fans from all sides in the arena. The crowd was stuck at the stairs trying to get out of the concert when she left the stage. Random fans were screaming while still in the concert mood. My voice was pretty off for shouting for two hours. I was signalled by the fan club to get out of the arena asap. Due to some unknown luck, I became the lead for them. I pushed all the way till I was halfway on the stairs and I figured if I tried really hard, I could push through the human wall that was blocking in front of me. I tried to squeeze through them and I heard a girl on the side telling us to queue. I'm not really in a rush to get out, I'M JUST IN A RUSH TO GET TO JOLIN'S HOTEL BEFORE SHE DOES.

The doors of the arena were taking too long to open, the crowd were taking too long to clear. By the time our line weres finally moving, I rushed all the way and recklessly banged into a chair.

And here's how I got my big bruise

End of story

Okay anyway, back to the story. We were chasing Jolin all the way up the hill. I was separated from the rest of the Singapore fan club and it was left with me and another girl. She was messaging the other guys and they changed the name of the hotel Jolin was staying at thrice. So we were running to and fro the zebra crossing till we eventually decided to just climb up the slope meant for cars to her hotel.

I admit I was in a lack of exercise but it still seems like I was the most energetic among the bunch. Every time a white van passed by us, we got all jumpy but I had a good look at the people in the van and assured her Jolin wasn't inside. I was greeted by a red cloth barrier when I got to the hotel and I couldn't care less to detour. I said aloud, "I have climbed all the way up the slope, what's a mere barrier to stop me!" We sneakily got inside when the staff wasn't looking although I think we can just openly walk in, it's not like they're going to care. The barrier was placed by a pastry restaurant.

I was out of breath when we got to the hotel. I eyed the floor and I was thinking of sitting down in the middle of nowhere to catch my breath. We were not sure whether Jolin had arrived so we moved like lost sheep and followed a bunch of pink clothes people (from the Malaysia fan club). When the rest of the people from Singapore fan club caught up with us, Jolin arrived promptly and we squeezed to get a close look of her. The girl whom was with me when we were running even managed to take a shot of Jolin and shook her hand when Jolin was stopped by fans to autograph their albums.

Credits to Kaixuan from Singapore fan club for the photo. ^^
It felt like heaven's will when it started raining heavily after we had seen Jolin.

I was tired but I was way too happy to sleep early. I spent an hour at the internet cafe to spread my joy on facebook and weibo. I spent another hour trying to fall asleep with my muscles aching on my right and my huge bruise hurting on my left. My muscles felt like they were tearing not aching and I was in pain.

I woke up early next morning and I was feeling relatively okay except for the occasional muscle "tearing" moments (Yay! I survived the pain!). We went to see Jolin for the last time before she left Genting. Everything was so convenient and the place she stayed was within 15 minutes walk. If only it was so in real life too. Hee hee.

A guy mentioned twice to Jolin, yesterday night and this morning, that we were from Singapore fan club. Let's hope she remembers we were there.

Credits to Kaixuan from Singapore fan club for the photo. ^^

I like Jolin way better when she is in plain clothes. And about the legend that she is 180 cm? She's actually pretty small and cute without her heels and make-up. I waved at her the moment I saw her and she seemed pleasantly happy about yesterday's concert. We got a much longer look at her as they got on the van, everything would be perfect if I hadn't been scared by a random moth and I had to show my fear of insects right in front of Jolin. :/

Lastly, Jolin you have some crazy muscles.