Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jolin Tsai - Remy Martin Singapore 2013

This has been a really happy week!

I'm so glad Jolin's the ambassador for Remy Martin. If it wasn't for that, she would have no reasons to come here. Namely because her record company isn't inviting her to Singapore. How could they not? Jolin's going to be one money tree for you and you'll earn if you get her here, albeit it's going to be lesser than the Korean singers.

I started the event off by taking two days off, just for Jolin. Yeah I know I'm crazy. Well I only need my annual leaves for Jolin and family trips so I will say it's well used. Besides I have made a bold decision in my life this week. For the first time in my life, I'm going to travel overseas without my mother for Jolin's Kaohsiung concert! (Except for my school trip to Malaysia with Li Yi when I was 10 :P)

I can't recall how I made the impromptu decision. I only know asking my mother about it was a breeze. It's great that she sees that I'm old enough to make my own decisions. When I was younger, she will always tell me to wait till I'm older... And I finally grew up! And I'm going to fulfil my childhood wish of seeing Jolin's concert live in Taiwan! Taiwan always have the best concerts! ^^

Achievement unlock! Hee hee!

Going to Taiwan in April and being able to see Jolin again this year is keeping my spirits up for the whole week, as well as the wonderful memories she had left with us last Friday. Every time I watch my videos, it seems like I am reliving that moment again. Being able to see Jolin just gives me that unknown burst of energy. xD

I started the 3 days 2 nights Jolin event at the airport on Thursday. ^^

Waiting wasn't long, at least not to me after what I had experienced 2 years ago. We welcomed her at the airport and I was suddenly given a random task to hand another fan's card to her because I wanted to give her a hello kitty too.

How long has it been since you received a Hello Kitty, Jolin? Hee hee.
But the words are the crucial point, not the toy itself!
Remember to come back to Singapore again, we miss you!

I was running to and fro between two entrances with two other fans because we had no idea which entrance she would come out from. The moment we spotted her appearing, which took us fairly long because she was from a distance away and we needed her super fan to confirm it's her, we started blindly following her till the glass panel ends. We couldn't see her any more and so we started chasing her like blind mice to and fro the entrances.

When we were finally certain which entrance she would come out from, the whole lot of us parked right in front of it. And I was standing directly in front of the automatic glass door. The scene was actually awkward for me. Jolin walked out and I was trying to stretch my arms to her to pass her the plastic bag with the gifts I was holding. *Short Arms* Her manager and assistant quickly tackled the bag but she took it before them and her fingers just brushed through my fingers. 

We were following her like some secret society till she reaches the airport's carpark. The scene was just hilarious. But we kept our distance from her till they stopped at the carpark and she turned around to greet us. She was really soft-spoken and the only thing I was sure I heard was "怎麽都老了". At that moment I really wanted to open my mouth and say "I'm still young!"

Her manager was telling her some of us went to her Genting concert and the conversation didn't continue any further. I am fine with it. It was a serene moment with Jolin backfacing us and we had a nice view of her priceless back, skinny legs, jacket that came from years ago and her sock-less shoes. :P

My handphone was already in my hands and I could have gotten her front view if I want to. But I felt it was just plain rude so I didn't do so. Now I had this priceless Jolin backview just in front of me so I lifted up my handphone and snapped two photos. My model was still too. One photo's above, the other one's right below. ^^

We got on a cab and chased her all the way to her hotel where there's a VIP carpark just for her. We lost trace of her so we had to have our dinner at the really expensive MBS food court. On the next day, I found out they went to the sky park. I live in Singapore and I haven't even been there before. T^T

Photo by her make-up artist

The next half a day of my leave was boring. I couldn't go to her press conference or her fan meeting because there were limited tickets in the fan club so I was trying to make better use of my leave by going to the gym. Half of my trip to the gym was tortured by the scorching sun, the other half was by the drizzling rain. It was only within a span of 20 minutes, how can two weathers just happen to me when I finally decide to take a walk! When I reached the gym, I realised it was closed down for renovations and it would only reopen in March. I wasn't disappointed even after my long walk, in fact that gave me sufficient time to head back home, have my dinner and go to Remy Martin Centaur Dance Showdown later that night.

I gave up walking so I took the bus and just then, at this coincident moment when I didn't bring my handphone out, I saw a loading van with Jolin's beer endorsement on it. Big big. Omg. Where's my camera when I need it? o.o

Anyway I rushed through my dinner, made time for a bath because the sun made me sweaty and I dashed out of the house. I was debating with myself whether should I get pink light sticks at Daiso before I see Jolin tonight. But the thing is Daiso and MBS are two conflicting directions and I didn't have the time to do so. In the end, I decided to bring my pink star battery operated light stick (which feels kind of like a child's magic wand) to her event. I had doubts whether I will use it but I'm sure glad I brought it.

My ticket!

We were waiting outside of the venue hall, waiting for Jolin to walk the red carpet. But 9pm is approaching and she's still nowhere in sight. Other than that, we were flooded with reporters right in front of us so we wouldn't be able to catch a clear view of her. We then decided to head inside the venue first. The queueing was terribly slow. MBS, how could you be so slow in scanning our tickets and giving us a tag to wear?

Blue tag!

On a side note, the fan club gave Jolin a handmade A3 card at the press conference earlier in the day.
That's our group photo that we took at the airport!

I helped a bit with it, by cutting the photographs. :|

The bag check completely missed my water bottle. Essential item for concerts that concerts always like to confiscate. I shall bring this bag for all future concerts, it has a great secret compartment. xD

We had our own cosy corner at the event and that's really good!

Singapore Fan Club took another big photo again!

The moment I stepped into the area, I noticed that Jolin was on the screen! The screen was showing what was going on at the red carpet so it's actually a better view than what we had when we were outside. I quickly took out my trusty camera and captured this.

When I saw her on the screen the first thought that came into my mind was, 
"Omg Jolin you're so beautiful tonight!"

And then we started our one hour of looking at her at the judge panel. I'm not sure about the others but I was totally neglecting the actual dance competition that's going on. My camera's only concern was to snap photos of her, even if she is in the darkness. Since I have no idea which photos and which videos came first, I'm going to smack them randomly.

Here's a gauge of how far we were from her at the event.
Can you spot her?

My camera's really not doing justice to her beauty.
She was sitting fairly far away from us but still clear if I consistently stare at my zoomed in camera. :P

What are you thinking? :)

The bulb lights up...

And she starts speaking for the first time.
Jolin, ahahaha, I'm sure your usual voice doesn't sound so gentle. :P

The only main highlight for me at the event at this time was Jolin's interact with the host. The host has totally no clue about Chinese and he's agreeing to whatever Jolin said. Which made Jolin burst into laughter! Haha!

I really love this action!
Ah yes and I realised my camera had better focus of the man in front of her.

That's how the judge panel looks like.

Wonders if she's looking down because she has no idea where to look or because she's looking at the scores. :P

Jolin speaking for the second time.

Ooo I finally got a shot of her tattoo!

And finally a focused shot!


Jolin speaking for the last time!

Are you able to spot the damsel in the darkness?
You have a flash of light to help you!

Ah yes, I needed to record Jolin walking in the darkness.

And the fun part finally comes! The hour that we had been waiting for. After nearly two hours of waiting, Jolin was on stage to perform her songs! Actually just glancing at her (okay actually we were staring) at the judge panel was really blissful for me so I didn't mind it. The real boredom kicked in when she went backstage to prepare.

We were on her side view so our videos didn't had the best view. But because she knows we are there, she turned and looked at us frequently. You can't miss us, we are the nosiest bunch. Especially when she was trying to prepare for her dance and we were shouting her name so loudly, she instinctively replied by turning her head. Hee hee. :P

She started off with her hit song from last year. And I haven't been listening to "Myself" ever since "Muse" was released. I have no clue about the lyrics but I was trying to sing? :D
Jolin spoke to us in English at the end, it sounded really nice and sweet! ^^

Apologies but for all the videos, you are going to hear my voice. Especially for songs where I know the full lyrics to it and I was singing them out without even noticing it. It came kind of naturally. So I was busy alternating between screaming and shouting. The strangest part was I was holding my pink light stick on my left hand and my camera on my right. And a cameraman came to take a photo of us, I must have looked really stupid.

Remember I said I was glad I brought my pink light stick along? I think I was the only one with light stick and I had a few light boards beside me to cast glow on me so I was pretty outstanding. Or it could just be my illusion that she has been constantly looking at me instead of us as a whole. :P

Jolin's performing "The Great Artist" in Singapore for the first time!
Did you realise she's in a really good mood tonight? :D

Ever since last Friday, I fell in love with "Rewind" again. Because she constantly looks at our direction when she's singing. I finally figured out why my voice sounded so bad, other than the fact that I was trying to sing as loud as possible, I realised the moment she looks at us, my voice just goes way off because of the happiness. xD

Another song with lyrics that I'm not familiar with. But commendable effort for singing the chorus yeah? :P

Thank you Jolin, it's been a really memorable night. You made our dull Friday night special. Although it's only 4 songs but we spent all our energy screaming on them. I bet this is the first dancing competition where people were asking for an encore from the guest performer! Will there be an encore from Jolin for Singapore soon? :)

Bye Bye!

My voice was literally sore after I sang and screamed for 4 songs! Hahaha! That felt good, it felt like I've put in my best effort for Jolin! Except that I wasn't waving my light stick as much because my right hand has my camera turned on. Nah it's not over yet, she comes out for the prize presentation.

You know actually I don't sound so bad. Here's my real singing voice!

Slanted Neck

And she left early the next day. I had a short 3 hour sleep before I went down to the airport by cab because the train hasn't start operating yet. My body wasn't prepared to wake up but I had a dream that it was 5am+. When I woke up and looked at my alarm, it really was 5am+. Considering that my unconscious took such great lengths to wake me up, I lay for a while and got up immediately. Talking about my unconscious, I had been having a whole series of thought up possible scenarios of Jolin coming to SG in my dreams. :o

And there she goes.
Bye, Little Red Riding Hood!
You can imagine how near I was to her right? :P

The rest of the dancers and her manager alighted first before she does. We peeked into her van and I spotted a shadowy figure. It looked plumper than Jolin's figure and it didn't give a hoot about my appearance. So I made a bold assumption that she's too ugly to be Jolin. Then the rest of the fan club members told me that Jolin is INDEED in that van. So if Jolin alights from that van, I ought to punch myself in my face. But when she alighted, I noticed her assistant was with her and that shadowy figure resembles her assistant so I was confident that we saw her assistant not her, she was hiding deeper in the van. Let's hope I'm right. ._.

Although she's only here for 3 days, it felt like a week had passed. Because time was spent so fulfilling it actually made me feel that the days are longer than shorter. I wonder if that's a good sign of optimism? :)

Jolin has a great liking for Angry Birds. She literally squeaked in delight when she saw this and she took out her phone to snap a photo of it. And we quickly take out our phones to snap a photo of her snapping a photo! Aha what an artistic moment!

There were more angry birds after she checked in and we were giggling at her posing for photos with them. It's a pity she didn't upload photos of them, she looked really adorable and sexy at the same time. ^^

Not sure if it's obvious but I've gotten myself another bruise after seeing Jolin again. This time it's at the tip of my arm. My arm looks kind of bulky heh. So every time I see Jolin, I get a bruise huh?


Friday, January 18, 2013

2012 - A Year of Growth

Firstly, I would like to say "Hi" to my laptop. I haven't been seeing it for weeks because of work and meeting friends during the weekend. It looks kind of small now and my mouse is awkward to use. In fact it took a while for my mouse to respond when I on my laptop just now.

Lots of things had happened to me in 2012. It occurred to me I did a start of 2012 post last year so I ought to do one for this year too!

Happy 2013!

In 2012, I
  • Suffered from mild depression
  • Graduated from polytechnic and held a graduation show
  • Recovered from my depression
  • OCD got worst
  • Found my first job
  • Got terminated from my first job (after two months)
  • OCD under control
  • Reading - Meditation, Positive Psychology, Carl Jung (The 3 books that changed my life)
  • Found my second job

Yup that sums it well.

I've learnt a fair bit from this year and I believe it will be essential for my growth in later parts of my life. At the moment I'm a little fearful that I would be unable to grow now that I'm no longer "schooling". However, looking at what I had been experiencing at my workplace, it seems I still have much to learn about life but things might come to a standstill to me soon until I've learnt to look pass things on the surface. What amazes me about Carl Jung when I read his writings was his ability to take everything as a subject to study. As long as it concerns humans or it's a product of human, he finds it a subject worth studying. It goes to show his passion as a psychiatrist/psychologist and I'm doubtful about my ability to be one after reading his book. I would love to read about his analysis of our current generation.

The thing that I'm really proud of myself this year is that I cured my depression on my own. No one helped me neither did that psychiatrist I went to. If I were to really name the people who helped me, it would be mainly peeps from DV and my only friend who truly understands me, Zi He. When the whole world didn't believe I have depression, they were the only people who did and that matters a lot to me.

Graduating from school was a great relief for me and I had a lot of time at home to calm myself down and sort out my feelings and thoughts. The best thing about being at home is everything you try becomes possible because you're relieved of facing real people in real life. But the moment I stood out of my shell, I realised how naive I was to think that I'm halfway to my goal of lasting happiness. I'm still easily affected by people but now I know where to channel my thoughts the moment I'm unhappy. Naturally it's best not to dwell on it but I started analysing the cause of my unhappiness. Was it the people who made me unhappy, why did they make me unhappy, how did they make me unhappy, is it my own fault that I am unhappy?

I made a pact to myself that I never want to go back to depression again. I've learn to put my emotions at my priority. If I'm not happy, whatever I'm doing doesn't matter any more. If I'm not happy, I usually strive to do 2 things to overcome it - 1. Change my thoughts 2. Make a change in my life. We could be upset for the smallest thing ever like a noisy person is sitting beside you on the train. Why not just move away? Why do you have to make yourself endure the noise even though you dislike it? Does it matter what that person think of you when you get up to change seats? Irony to that, over dosage of happiness starts making happiness feel meaningless. And that was when I came across a book about Positive Psychology which taught me that happiness is a combination of things that give you insight and meaning too.

I'm still figuring out what I want to do in my life. I'm still young and I'll admit that. :P At the moment, I hope to keep up in my job, keep up with my spiritual growth and society growth at the same time. I got myself a new smartphone recently and I finally realised what a world difference it meant to me. First of all, I've a portable on-the-go dream journal meaning I can type my dreams every morning when I travel to work. Secondly, I can access my social sites on the go so I wouldn't have to bother about them when I'm at home giving me more time to do other things than wasting my life on my computer. Yes I admit, entertainment is life wasting. Both Carl Jung and the author who wrote the Positive Psychology book would agree to that. It's about time I start doing something more meaningful that gives me happiness too.

I guess that's it, that's my life in 2012. I guess I'm not making heads or tails out of my story but that's because my mind is so full of thoughts and I lose some of them every minute, it makes it impossible to pin down all of them. I could go about the systematic manner of writing down life events in 2012 but that would be too mundane for me to type.

The end of 2012 to 2013 started off really well for me. Jolin's Genting concert, getting a new job, finally meeting the person I like and Jolin is back in Singapore again!

We waited for Jolin to arrive at Changi Airport today. :)

I was happy to see her and I hope I can unlock the emotions that I had locked to protect myself. The mask on my face seems to be getting thicker and I'm wondering is that a good or bad thing. Am I learning how to accept life or turning away from how I truly feel in the name of happiness? I raged in my dreams and I was contemplating what that mean till it struck me just now that it could be a sign I'm still far off from what I'm trying to achieve. I need to learn to face my shadow and I need to learn to see myself as an able being. I have a lot to learn. I should end this post with Carl Jung's quote.

"Everything that is necessary can be lived if only you will stand by yourself and endure things without grumbling. You should always tell yourself; that's how it is, and there's nothing I can do about it. Everything that will, or must be, comes without your doing, and you have only to hold your own in order to come through the darkness of human existence.

Too strong a dependence on the outside, and too dynamic a view of the inside, stem essentially from your desire, intention, and will, which you should push into the background a little for the sake of what really concerns you: holding your own in the chaos of this world." - Carl Jung