Thursday, April 11, 2013

F.I.R. "Light Up My Way" Singapore Concert 2013

Here's a preview of what I had got from the concert.

Look at how lazy am I. The concert is well overdue for 3 months and I finally decided to write it. Lazy me. I managed to grab an autographed poster when they were throwing down the stage. To be exact, another fan caught it too but she gave it to me. :)

My day on 26th January started when I went to the concert venue earlier to meet the rest of the fan club peeps. They were waiting for the merchandise vendor to set up their stall so they could grab some merchandise. Hunger defeated us so we went to grab dinner and by the time we were back, the merchandise stall has opened and closed. We need to wait till later in the day before we can grab anything. Fans who didn't go for dinner were happily flaunting their stuffs to us.

Not long after, we were allowed in. I stuffed my camera and water bottle under piles of things in my bag because I was worried I couldn't get through. In the end, they checked through every obvious section in my bag and I was still allowed in. Much ado about nothing lol. And my bag was freaking heavy.

There was still a while before the concert start so I was patiently waving my flag. I'm pretty sure my flag is fractured now.

They were trying their best to decorate the concert venue and here's a whole collection of posters. I couldn't get a photo of the congested board so I figured posters will be good too. :)

And my long awaited concert is finally going to begin!
I was pretty near the stage and I was already preparing my shot. :P

The crowd sitting behind me.

Initially I thought I wouldn't enjoy the concert because I had been to way too many concerts before this. But I was wrong. I was moved by F.I.R.'s songs, their love for music and the fan club's unity. The only two aspects lacking were the rowdy person damaging one of our light boards and the security guard who INSISTED who had to sit down when clearly there was no such rule to begin with.

Before the concert start, it was playing the theme song of the concert that I slowly grow to love.

If only they can release this song in a CD, I can't get enough of it!

The clip didn't manage to capture what's after this. By the way, the video isn't filmed by me. I was on a lookout for security guards and I was busy jumping and waving my hand. Notice the flag on Faye's hand? I will never forget the epic moment when she concentrated to throw the flag but it didn't manage to get over the barrier. I was engrossed in the song but that mishap made me tumbled forward and lost balance. Hahaha! xD

I can't really remember the details of the concert now so I'm going to whack a whole series of photos. Enjoy!

*Warning. I'm bias against Faye and my photos are going to show that. :P

During the concert, they were explaining what their concert theme meant. And how each member in F.I.R. represented different elements. They talked to us about their history and how they started off with a really tiny studio. Through the concert, they hope, they will pass seed of hopes to us and by the end of the concert, it will be fully grown and flourish under the light.

This is just pure beauty. 

Photo is in sequence of the time of shots.

Faye was injured just before the concert. But she preserved and decided to hold the concert as planned because she didn't want to disappoint us. I didn't catch much news of her injury but when I actually got a good look at it, she's quite hurt. Not to mention about walking, even standing for prolong periods hurts her back. She asked us if she could sit down during the concert and we shouted "Yes" in unison.

At first I was a little disappointed there was no dance in the concert, but after knowing about Faye's injury, what she's giving us is much more than planned.

I would like to thank Ian for this concert too. During the concert when we were all tempted to stand after repetitively being wrongfully scolded by the security guards, he signalled for us to stand and we shot up immediately. The vengeful guard could do nothing to us since the stars themselves requested for us to stand. I really don't see the point of sitting in a pop concert, why go to a pop concert if you're not intending to Get High? You're wasting your money. It's a perfect excuse to slim down from jumping too.

They concert ended with their popular songs and I somehow managed to get a video of it. And I bet you can't tell what song that is.

Even I had no idea what it is when I previewed it.
It's actually the ending of "Fly Away".

I had that video uploaded long ago but I just can't make myself to *gah* write the blog entry. I was really tired after the concert because we stayed up for the whole night at the airport to send them off. And to add on, I was still pissed by the two incidents in the concert and I don't want to make my post filled with anguish.

I was a little hyperactive when I was at the airport because of lack of sleep. I must have embarrassed myself thoroughly but I still like the fan club a lot. Even though I'm new, I don't find it hard to mingle with them. They are just really, really nice people. :)

F.I.R. Singapore Fan Club

A pic of my trusty light stick after the concert ended.

We caught the sunrise at the airport.
Awake for the whole night! Argh!

But it was well worth the wait. Hee hee.

Faye was injured so we didn't dare to bother her for a photo. But I managed to talk to her when they were walking. I had a short talk with Ian too. Haha. He took our conversation to heart and shortly after, he created his own weibo account too!

As for the conversation with Faye, the others didn't talk much to her so I managed to talk to her. We were telling them how we stayed up for the whole night. And the next thing that pops up from her mouth after that topic ended was the fact that we're all getting old and she's getting old too. I immediately corrected her and said that's too pessimistic so she said we're getting more knowledgeable.

Hahaha. What's with the singers recently? The last time Jolin came to Singapore, she looked at us and said we're getting old. A week later, Faye made the exact same statement. o.O

Faye's lip balm~ Hmm root beer!
I'm intending to bring this to my Taiwan trip 2 days later. :D

Lastly, I can't help but to take a photo of this Angry Bird at the airport... :x

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