Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why We Have No Idea What We're Doing In Our 20s?

I came across a post on "The 10 Reasons Why No One Knows What They’re Doing in Their 20s". I noticed it is not a post written for me or people similar to me. It's a post geared towards achieving success in your youth, physical success that people can see.

I'm currently in my early 20s so I feel I'm fit to represent the twenties. I'm going to present my own reasons on why we have no idea what we're doing in our 20s.

1. Our Brain is still Developing

This might sound baffling but our frontal lobe, the critical area in our brains responsible for making decisions is still developing. It complete its development somewhere in our mid 20s. This explains why we have no idea what we want in our 20s. Our constant changes and lack of experiences attribute a lot to our current decision making.

We still possess the rashness we have in our teenage years. That is definitely one thing that we wouldn't carry with us when we reach 30 and our brain has complete all its development. We often do things that adults cannot comprehend and they deny us from our way of living because they think their path of living is better. I would say, make use of your rashness while you still have it to strive yourself to do the things that you would no longer have the courage to do when you're older.

It could be going on a backpacking tour alone, picking up a new skill that you know wouldn't help you in the future but you just like it, entering in a competition in games, cards, arts, dance, singing or anything that interests you at the moment, chasing after your idol around the world as long as its within your budget, and many, many more.

2. Social Obligations

The society has made us think certain paths in life are more desirable. It takes a lot of courage and pressure to defy what society wants us to do. However, there's one thing society never offered us - The Time To Think. When you graduate from one school, you have to start making plans for the next school or your very first job. We have to make quick decisions despite our lack of certainty and experience.

I know many people study certain majors because it guarantees a future for them in society. I really have nothing against them. Just go with what you think is right. There's no guarantee that studying something you like would be smooth-sailing. I'm not going to pressure you to take up something you like and guarantee you a future with happiness and no uncertainty. I've been through it and I had met a couple of landmine during my schooling years.

The most important thing is you always learn something out from what you studied that adds on to your life experiences. We are at the age where we are still a sponge for experiences and learning comes quickly.

3. We finally achieve Freedom!

We have finally reached the age where we no longer have to consult our parents on what we do. We are overwhelmed with choices and things we want to do before but we were too young to do.

We are like a home pet suddenly brought to the wild. Like the characters in Madagascar. We have no idea what is in store for us and we are still doing test and trials in our lives.

I've lined up a list of plans for the future and I'm currently in the process of fulfilling them. I do understand that some parents are not as willing to let go of the reins as mine. I have an agreement with my mother that I would stop flying overseas so frequently next year so she promised to let me fulfil my childhood dream this year.

4. We are trying to Define our Happiness

We may seem like merrymakers at time. Doing things that only contribute to our happiness, making us seem self-centred and selfish. That's because we are still trying to find that happiness that can last and we have no other idea how to do so. Doing what you like constantly is one way to go about, so you see people going partying, holidaying, being coach potatoes or an internet addict.

Eventually, I'm sure we will find our path to happiness. Just remember addiction in any form is bad. A book once told me that happiness lies in our state of mind. Perhaps its time for us to review what we hold dear. If you change your perception and point of views, your feelings change accordingly too.


For my conclusion, I'm 21 this year. Let's see if reading this post will make me nod in agreement or have a good laugh in the future. Cheers to our ignorance! What we have now is a gift (other than the time we have), treasure it!

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