Thursday, September 19, 2013


The last time I checked, I am an ISFP. It may change either due to a different interpretation of the questions, a better understanding of who I am or fluctuations of my personality.

I knew all along that I am an introvert, I can't quite remember when I had that realization. I never had difficulties of becoming a pseudo extrovert in an attempt to fit in the world. I have embraced my introvert personality and I find nothing wrong with it.

I know I am an introvert by how refreshed and charged I feel after I spend some time alone, how unafraid I am of travelling and staying alone and how much conversation is going on in my head at once.

However, I have been struggling to find the other functions that fit with my personality. I understand that we don't have to rely on personality tests to define ourselves but personality tests are so alluring. They give you quick and elaborate answers on questions you cannot answer yourself.

After a thorough research, I have concluded that I am more of a Perceiver (P) than a Judger (J). My spontaneity and procrastination depicts my perceiving well, like how I can push planned blog posts for a random idea that sprouted in my mind, and if I don't type it down now, I most probably wouldn't do it in the next couple of months.

There had been a really interesting picture on procrastinators circulating around.

I eagerly look at the descriptions knowing that I will definitely fall into one of the categories or more. It's nice that someone has finally take note of procrastinators and I hope they will strive to understand why certain people procrastinate.

I'm mostly The List Maker, The Napper, The Sidetracker, The Watcher and The Perpetuator. I compile a mental list of things to do and I end up not doing them because I can't find the right mood to start. During the day, I keep getting sidetracked on other things that require less mental exertion like watching shows. During the night, I have a lot of thoughts racing in my head but I decided I shall just sit on my bed, contemplate and fall asleep. When I deduced that I do not have enough time to complete the thing before the day ends, I push it to the next day and repeat that for the next couple of months!

I guess the real reason why I procrastinate is because I fear I may get interrupted by people. Which is why I prefer the night to the day when people are sleeping. If I am left alone in a quiet house, I am confident that I would finish most of the tasks that I had set for myself, my first solo trip overseas has proven that.

There are a couple of things I dislike too, and descriptions of ISFP personality supports that.

I dislike people telling me what path to take in life and what I should mould my personality into. You already had a shot at living your life, let me lead my own life. I do understand that people have a tendency to voice out if they can relate to certain issues, especially towards me since most people have encountered the stage at young adulthood where they have no idea what they want in life.

I am fairly short tempered and I flare up whenever people interrupt my alone time continuously or constantly engage in a conversation with me when I am not ready for conversing yet. I have been trying to control my temper since getting angry doesn't help you in life. I feel I might need a long break before I reach 25 years old. I don't want to spend my young adulthood in a rush and missed out all the chance to contemplate and think over what I want and what suits me in life. I feel that these couple of years is a crucial period for my growth so experiencing and contemplating should take place together. I feel I have a much clearer idea of what I want in life as days pass.

I am attracted by certain kinds of experiences. Experiences of calm/happy feelings that can last for a couple of days without breaking intrigues me the most. I pause and wonder why I can stay constantly happy and it gives me a better idea of who I am.

I dislike criticism and hostile feelings. I understand some people find that good as they get motivated and spurred by it. Some people like constructive criticism in their lives to help them improve too. However, I feel that neither helps me as much as warmth and genuine good feelings. Negativity makes me depressed and that hinders with my happiness goal. Someone encouraged me to fight hostility by proving myself to be the better person. I do not want to change my personality in pursuit of others' ideals. There really is no need for competition in my world, I feel competing brings more unhappiness than vice-versa, if you really want to compete, let's compete who's the happiest person, for I believe that happiness is one of the most important aspects in life that we should hold dear.

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