Monday, April 21, 2014

A trip to Kaohsiung / Jolin Myself Final Concert - Day 2 (Part 1)

Hey! I'm back. I was on "hiatus" for almost a year since my last entry on this. I daresay I don't remember much of it and memories of my overseas trips are overlapping. The part of my hair that I had dyed last year has grown past my ear now. My hair grows really slow. I miss my original black hair. 黑髮尤物~ Hahaha.

Back from where I left off...

13th April 2013

I woke up the next morning and apologised to my room-mate about all the noise I was producing. Surprisingly, she told me the noise didn't bother her because she was too tired. I was glad for that because I feel really bad, I wasn't usually so noisy.

I felt that I woke up pretty early. Well early for my standard considering I usually sleep in till the late afternoon on weekends.

I was still obsessing over my newly coloured hair. So I posted a selfie to facebook. :D

We washed up, met my neighbour from Singapore fan club and headed out to meet the others for lunch. I followed them to a train station and was rather amused with their temporary train token. In Singapore, we use a temporary train card so I find that strange. As I'm studying Anthropology this semester, I now know that my actions is a representation of ethnocentrism.

When you enter the train station, you scan this token and the machine responds by letting you in. When you exit the train station, you drop the token into a slot so they can collect it back. I still can't comprehend how scanning token works.

This is the nearest train station to my hotel. I took a photo of it in case I get lost. I currently do not possess any mode of communication because I can't get my phone card yesterday.

When we reached our stop and I was on my way up the escalator, my nike scandals somehow got sucked in by the escalator and my companions were staring at me in amusement. I picked up my scandals and stared in disgust at the layer of stained forsaken oil. However, upon emerging from the train station, we were greeted by an amazing sight.

A giant poster of Jolin Tsai!
I saw this with my room-mate yesterday but we were on a car, so we can't get a shot of it.

That's my room-mate over there. Facing the direction of the giant poster.

And we spotted banners of Vivian Dawson nearby too!

Our fangirl moments ended shortly after and we headed back to the other side of the road where our companions were waiting. Another group of people were supposed to meet us there but they were really late. Even later than the legendary Carrot.

Eventually, we decided to get our phone cards while we were waiting. A telecom store was conveniently beside us. I couldn't purchase the phone card because I didn't bring my ID along. That became the joke of the trip because I was either too unlucky or too untrustworthy-looking. I was rather upset about this because I didn't get a chance to call my family ever since I landed in Taiwan. And I miss them. :(

My room-mate was very kind to purchase extra call credits so that I could call back home. :')

After what seemed like an hour of waiting, I was famished coupled and with some other unpleasant feelings, the group of people finally arrived. We were all waiting for this moment just so we could have lunch together. But we ended up splitting up for lunch. My neighbour from Singapore fan club mentioned that the waiting is a pretty common occurrence with them.

We headed to the shopping center that Vivan Dawson banner was at and had ramen for lunch. I chose the ramen that looked the most interesting to me with the simplest words to pronounce, and added an extra soft boiled egg. :D After a day of English speaking, I was attracted to any familiar people whom speak Chinese. As such, I didn't put in my best effort to maintain a good relationship with my room-mate (basically I was losing my patience with translating).

After our ramen, we walked around in the shopping mall. We stopped by at a toys store and I told my brain numerous times not to get anything redundant. I ended up purchasing a Pokeball which turned out to be a beach Pokeball to my dismay. I was expecting a miniature Pokeball that I could hold comfortably in my palm.

As we were wandering around the mall, we spotted a gym with Jolin's and Vivan Dawson's banners side by side. <3 p="">
We then left the mall and met the others at this impressive looking Adidas store.
I'm a fan of Adidas apparel and Jolin endorsing the brand makes it even more appealing to me.

Outside the store

Outside the store

Inside the store

Everyone else was trying to get the items that were endorsed by Jolin in her commercials. I was however, focused on getting items I needed. My most foolish moment in the store was when I tried on kids jackets without knowing they were meant for kids. Well the jacket looked nice and I could fit in them, although albeit tight. When I finally noticed the "kid" sign, I faded away, overwhelmed with shame.

I changed my target to a grey jacket that I'll be wearing in the photos below. And hey, an acquaintance said the jacket looks nice. *Feeling Proud* I also got myself a pair of blue winter boots (which another acquaintance mentioned was nice) and some Adidas socks to go with it.

Before we left the shop, I felt sad that I didn't buy anything that Jolin endorsed. So I rapidly chose a pink tank top and hurried off to the cashier without considering if the size fits me.

The pink tank top looks really nice on Jolin though. 

One of the Taiwan fan club members worked at Adidas, hence we managed to get a special staff discount for all our purchases. The price of the items are cheaper in Taiwan too, so it was a steal for me.

There was another round of waiting. I was antisocial by being reluctant to place my clean Adidas paper bag on the floor for their instagram photo. I walked off to a small street near the Adidas shop because I was fed up with waiting and got myself a drink. Someone handed us a black sugar mochii snack. And then the van arrived to bring us to our next location.

 I had no idea where we were going so I was taken aback when we reached. Even though I don't know the name of the place, I instinctively knew that it was Jolin's "The Great Artist" MV filming location.

We didn't go inside to explore. 
I would like to slow down and immerse myself at some art gallery.

This was exactly the spot that Jolin danced. Although it looked much different in the MV with all the light effects.

There was a good photographer in our group and everyone was bothering him for a shot. He looked slightly annoyed but he helped us all nonetheless. This situation reminded me of the social obligations that we carry out.

Nonetheless, I appreciated his help in getting a good shot.
This was the jacket I just purchased from Adidas.

Everyone was so adventurous with their poses, so I tried something else other than my usual toothy grin. There were even people posing the final pose Jolin strike in her MV.

And this angle was where Jolin made her dramatic appearance after she landed from her carriage in "The Great Artist".

I spotted a little fountain while waiting for everyone to finish up their shot.

When everyone was done with photo-taking, I noticed I hadn't drink much water or been to the washroom for a couple of hours. Because there were too many people with us, they were discussing about our means of travelling back to the hotel. Fortunately, I get to travel on the van. The person sitting beside me was another Singapore fan club member that arrived shortly after we made our purchases in Adidas. We had a small chat, arrived at the hotel and I went into my room to prepare for the concert that was coming up.

In the next post, it's time for Jolin's Myself Finale!