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A trip to Kaohsiung / Jolin Myself Final Concert - Day 2 (Part 2)

Time really flies, 7 months since my last post about my trip, and 1 year and 7 months after Jolin's final concert has ended. :')

I finally finished up my translation for Myself Live DVD disc 2 yesterday. A few memories of this trip flashed in my mind as I was rewatching the DVD. I suddenly recalled I hoped that I would be able to watch Jolin perform "I" live. I guess that will be tough because that song makes her really emotional, and I was also on the verge of crying as I rewatched the "I" segment from the DVD yesterday.

Today is a good day to continue where I left from, because Jolin released "Play" 2 days ago. :D

I haven't touched PS in a while but I was happy. ;)

13th April 2013 - Evening

My memories are really hazy, I can't quite remember what happened. But I think I followed some Taiwanese fan club members and my fellow Singapore fan club members to have dinner. Surely I did or I would be famished after the concert. If my memories serve me right, we had dinner at a small eatery near the hotel and the Taiwanese fan club members were very hospitable to us, even ordering extra food for us.

They were overwhelmed with fans to ferry to the concert stadium so we have to efficiently make use of all the space in the van. Just when you think that having Jolin fan club banners outside of the hotel is grand, the van they drove had banners in them too. I volunteered to sit at the back of the van on stools. The experience was unique. I feared I would fly out of the van every time they braked abruptly. I had to grab tightly on whatever I could find in the van.

When we finally reached the stadium, I was excited. I've heard of "小巨蛋" so many times but it's my first time being here.

And I finally get to see my precious ticket. The Taiwanese fan club had purchased them for us, and they were holding bundles of them.

I was so fascinated by this scene that I subconsciously waddled forward - stall vendors selling all sorts of pink lightsticks and Jolin's merchandises. If only the Singapore stall vendors are half as enthusiastic as them. I was called back by a Taiwanese fan club member, she told me to stay close because I may get lost.

I kind of regret not taking a closer look at those merchandises because they seemed really interesting. Furthermore, I needed a light stick because the one I brought (purchased in Malaysia) was spoilt. Someone probably threw my luggage too hard. The Taiwanese fan club member promised that she will help me to purchase the light sticks as a group (the stall vendors may give them group discount too) so I stuck close with the group.

Just at that moment, I met up with another Singapore fan club member whom was waiting for us, Wen Kang. He said my striking yellow hair makes me easy to spot. And he proudly shows off his Jolin light stick to me. They literally printed Jolin's picture on the light stick.

We had more waiting to do as the rest of the other fans are reaching the destination. A brief toilet trip before the concert and I was slightly fascinated by the shopping center but had no time to linger. A casual conversation with other Taiwanese fan club members (gosh, my Chinese must have improved during those few days) and found out that another member shared the same Christian name as me but with the nickname, rabbit. Rabbit and Carrot together, that's weird. ;)

I spotted a familiar aunty outside of the shopping center and it took me a few good moments to realize that was Jolin's mother. When I managed to convey that information to other people, she had already left.

I think Jolin's mother was standing right there.

Another shot of the stadium as the sun starts to set.

The lovely sea of pink and fans as we waited anxiously for the start of the concert.

I was also anxious about my light stick. However, the rest of the senior members were busy gathering the members together. I feel bad asking them to purchase the light sticks when they were so busy. It wouldn't be hard for me to make my own purchase, since I've already make my way to the toilet in the shopping mall. When they finally came back with the purchased light sticks, I was upset that my light stick wasn't as pretty as Wen Kang's. But it's brighter so all is good. :D

The time has come! We're finally in. This is a flower basket from Taiwanese fan club.

"There are people holding banners to inform us not to take any pictures." captioned by the person whom took a photo of them. :P

My collection of "Myself"

Filled to the brim with fans! I love this feeling!

Pink sea!!! I love this feeling too! :D

Concert selfie with Wen Kang and Eeyore :D

Large group photo!
I think Wen Kang and I were distracted by something else. :o

The concert blasted off with Jolin's pole dance performance. Sad to say, I don't have much photos because 1) Carrot is high. 2) Carrot is very high. I was busy screaming and my little collection of photos are blurred.

In fact, I was so high that minutes into the concert I shook off the top part of my light stick and the Taiwanese fan club members were shocked by my enthusiasm when they picked it up for me. The only sad part about the concert was I was plagued by my OCD and I have some checking to do..

I may not have much photos but I have a video. :)

The fan club members stood up and cheered quickly after the concert started. And I was super happy that they did so because I couldn't contain my excitement. I feel that Jolin was much nearer to me than any other of her concerts I have been to. Especially with that stage extension.

Even my puny handphone camera was able to capture a clear image of her because I was that near.

Sadly to my dismay, I was sitting in front of a child. The moment I stood up, I completely blocked her view. So her mum/aunt was angry at me and called me repeatedly to sit down. But the whole point of Jolin's concert is to stand and cheer! How many times have Jolin mentioned "Stand up!" (I was translating Myself Live DVD yesterday and she really said that many times.)

I still recalled she was singing Tacit Violence when this photo was taken. Because after so many failed attempts and blurry photos, I'd managed to take a photo of her while she was gazing in my direction and I was satisfied.

So more crazy moments into the concert, Jolin stood on a moving platform and made a round around the stadium. That brought everyone to their maximum enthusiasm. Everyone was dying to get a closer look at her, especially the fans at the back. And people started climbing on their chairs one after another. I joined them and climbed atop to get a better view of Jolin. I really love this feeling, I don't feel like I'm a foreigner to this country, I feel like I'm part of them, and we are one big Jolin family enjoying her concert. Halfway during the concert, I noticed that the little girl behind me stood on her chair because I blocked her view by standing up. "That's right! You should have done that from the very start!"

Then random moments into the concert, when Jolin was singing "A Wonder in Madrid (馬德里不思議)" we were chanting "Hey!" in unison every time she punches her fist upwards into the air. If you are not sure which segment is that, you can preview the video below (this is not from Kaohsiung concert).

It starts from 00:16.

During one of Jolin's talking, she was trying to engage with the fans that are closer to the front. She praised a fan for his outstanding hair.

He clipped something similar to this on his hair (no, not the duck lol).

Jolin was also trying to get another fan to talk to her. She even bent down and lowered her mic so that the fan could speak into the mic. The fan awkwardly walked forward and didn't say much because she was nervous. Jolin joked that she was some kind of monster, because all her fans froze when they get too close to her. Hahahaha!

I also finally get to see Jolin up close sitting on the hanging chair as she sang her past songs. When she sang "Rewind", she was shocked and touched by this beautiful scene.

I didn't know that thousands of a simple heart shape will make such a magnificent scene. I'm glad I was part of this. :)

We started edging away from our seats as Jolin sang "Fantasy". I totally abandoned my bag with all my important assets in it, including my passport. I recalled I was super overjoyed when she sang "Fantasy" or "Dr. Jolin" and I want to proudly tell her I'm one of her "sisters" too! The security guards were trying to prevent us from dashing forward so they stood in front of us. They shouldn't have stand so close to me, because I was swinging my light stick and I feel sorry for whacking him with the light stick a couple of times. But oh well, Jolin comes first. :D

I thought that was the end of Jolin's pole dance performance but I was happy to found out that she had another planned at the end of her concert. I recalled I was looking intensively at her ribbon and pole dance performance, not because I was immersed in them but because I was afraid an accident may happen. 

We were right at the front, so when the party paper rained during the finale. I think I've almost ate a couple of papers because my mouth was opened and screaming. 

I felt a little bit of regret that I wasn't able to see Jolin up close during this trip. When the concert was coming to an end, the fans dashed forward and I charged ahead of everyone. 

I bumped right into the black box and I was sure Jolin saw me as she waved to the fans at the bottom of the stage. But remembering me is a different issue all together, haha.

Jolin Singapore fan club's group photo

When I was waiting in the stadium, I think my roommate came forward to take a photo with me. But she didn't pass it to me. :'(

Our huge group photo, I love this! 
Look at my brilliant glowing light stick!

Jolin Tsai, thank you for the wonderful concert too! 

In the next post, dinner with the fans to celebrate the concert's success. As they are so awesome, they deserve a separate post!

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