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A trip to Kaohsiung / Jolin Myself Final Concert - Day 2 (Part 3)

I've been putting this aside for way too long! o.o

13th April 2013 - Night

This will be a short post because I don't have much photos and it's nearly two years since the concert date. LOL.

We were gathered outside the stadium while deciding if we should join the Taiwanese fan club for supper. The funny part was when Wen Kang decided he shall join us, regardless if his travel partner has the access card to their room. Apparently, his hotel room only gave them one card, so his solution was to inform his partner to leave the hotel room door open so he could enter later. I have no idea how that works. Lol.

We sat in the same van at one point, either to go to the supper venue or back to the hotel. I recalled Wen Kang was sitting beside me and he was scrolling through weibo.

Okay so back on topic, we headed to the supper venue and I was climbing flight of stairs to the second floor. I was torn between which table to sit because the Singapore fan club members didn't sit together. So I joined the table with two other people from Singapore fan club, had a bit to drink, the food was quite nice, and I was tipsy and high. o.o

We ordered the beer endorsed by Jolin.

My tolerance level for alcohol wasn't high, so the people at my table were quite worried for me as I made my way clumsily to the toilet. Lol. It was actually pretty amazing for an introvert like me to chat with strangers I'd never met before. And the strangers are united with only one common interest - Jolin. We were chatting casually but definitely not making small talk. At one point, they were lamenting about their age too.

These are the people at my table, including the Taiwanese fan club chairman.
See I was happy, told ya I was high.

This is a collection of all the photos taken at the supper venue.

The people from Taiwanese fan club were really heart-warming. Overall, the experience of attending a Jolin event overseas was fantastic! And so, I went back to Taiwan again in the later part of 2013. And I'll be going to Taiwan soon, in 12 days, for Jolin's first Play concert!!! :D

This is the photo of the van that had been busy ferrying us for the whole night.
Simply majestic with that banner on it. ;)

And I shall end this night with a post of the party papers left in my new Adidas shoe. :D

Oh oh, and before I forget, while I was making my way back to my hotel room, another acquaintance mentioned my shoes were nice. *Proud of my taste in clothes*

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