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A trip to Kaohsiung / Jolin Myself Final Concert - Day 3

14th April 2013

So now that the concert was over, what are my plans? My plans are I've no plans. ._.

We had a long day yesterday so I was really exhausted. But we still have to get up early to check out of the hotel. While we were going out of the room, I conveniently took the card slotted in the "power port" and assumed it was mine. When we headed to the hotel counter to return the cards, my poor travel buddy was searching everywhere for her card. Ended up I took hers by mistake and I left mine in my wallet. I only realised that much much much later. D:

The hotel provided free shuttle to the nearest train station. I really feel apologetic to them. They were supposed to charge us for the missing card but they didn't, and they even ferried us. >.<

So my travel buddy and I decided we want to go Taipei. We were similar in a way, I've no plans at all, and we didn't book anything in advance, not train ticket or hotel rooms. We took the subway to Kaohsiung High Speed Rail station and proceed to purchase our train tickets. We didn't had breakfast either. I recalled buying a bento from the train station and it was superb. When we've finished our meal, we were almost late for our train and we hurriedly proceed to the platform.

The station that we boarded our train.

Say "Hi" to badly lit Eeyore.

So it will be a rather long journey to Taipei. I can't recall how I spent my time on the train, probably sleeping or something since I have no internet access on my phone. :(

I know there were toilets and vending machines on the train. I was so bored for one of my high speed rail train rides that I decided to walk pass the business seats section to get to the vending machine. I was immediately stopped by the staff but I explained to her I was getting to the vending machine. Now I've stated my course so I'll have to buy a drink to convince her, even though I didn't feel like buying one after looking at the selection in the vending machine.

When we reached Taipei, we've to find our way to Ximending. My travel buddy was not soft-spoken like me, so she continuously urged me to ask for directions every time we were lost. It didn't help that I was the only one who knew Chinese. I really, really detest talking to strangers. :(

Eventually, we managed to find our way to Ximending but there was an even bigger challenge, getting a hotel room. We roamed the streets aimlessly in search of a hotel room and were approached by a friendly Taiwanese who guided us to the nearest hotel. I think he's genuinely helping us because there wasn't anything we could purchase from his laundry shop.

When my travel buddy and I made our way to the hotel, the atmosphere of the hotel seemed weird. Like it was a two-three star hotel and the rates were not cheap. So after much discussion, we decided to take a cab to Paradise Hotel, that was recommended by others. Lucky for us, they still have available rooms and that's one thing settled.

Paradise Hotel Room

We reached Taipei quite late, it was already nearing mid afternoon when we walked out of our room. Next, more aimless walking along the streets of Ximending. This place is a maze! You know the problem when you have someone to follow, you don't really try and recall your directions. It took me a really long while to remember how to get back to the hotel and get to the subway station.

Here's a collection of photos during my tour in Ximending.

Show Luo's Shop

Another Show Luo Photo

A hotel that caught my attention because the rooms looked pretty.

And a big fat fluffy penguin that I would have bought if I'm a little less sane.
It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!

Based on the photos, I recalled walking into Show's shop and getting greeted by really expensive clothes and accessories. We walked passed a cinema in Ximending. We walked into the shop selling the penguin. All the other soft toys in the shop were fluffy too!!!

I think we had pasta for dinner and I picked the one that I could read. I was having some internal conflict with pointing on the menu to order, must be some "I'm Chinese so I shall speak Chinese" ego thingy. D:

The internal of a subway train in Taiwan.

We headed to Shilin Night Market that night. And we were walking in circles trying to find the place. I went to ask for directions again. To show my appreciation to the stall vendor who gave us directions, I bought some fruits for her. She conveniently shoved more and more of the fruit into my packet. By the time I realised it, I was charged a huge deal for some puny fruits that I can't even manage to finish.

Strangely, the night market was shifted underground and it in no way looked like a night market.

While we were trying to find our way to the night market, I bought a cup of papaya milk. Strangely the one my travel buddy had at Kaohsiung was nicer.

And I took a photo of a random Pikachu machine?

The nice thing about Taiwan is they have Jolin banners everywhere. xD 

So that sums up my trip to Shilin Night Market. There wasn't much food choice and I can't recall what I ate. I think my travel buddy spotted another Singapore fan club member from afar but we didn't manage to catch up with her. By the time we made our way back to the hotel, it was already pretty late.

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